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NEW RELEASE - - - Spring of 2018

In this enjoyable historical novel Ulysses Grant: Uniform to Union, Mr. Krom introduces Ulysses Grant in a unique manner. Written as a narrative, it uncovers the personality behind the man we usually see only in drab photographs. Events throughout the story are based on documented events intertwined with contemporary occurrences and local lore.

As a young Army officer, Ulysses falls in love with Julia Dent. No sooner are they engaged than he is swept far away as a participant in the Mexican War. Three years and many battles later, Ulysses returns to marry his sweetheart. She, the daughter of a plantation owner, and he, the son of a staunch abolitionist, must find their own way between the pulls of two opposing ideologies. Together they navigate the national struggle that would one day split the country in two.

Ulysses Grant: Uniform to Union is a sequel to the book Ulysses Grant: Youth to Uniform.

“Highly recommended.”
"Krom has produced a first-rate book.”

** Civil War News, Nov. 2015 **



Ulysses Grant:
Uniform to Union

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Joe Krom