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In "Heart of a Warrior" you will experience the frontier from the viewpoint of Sweet Breeze, the daughter of the acclaimed Miami Chief Little Turtle, and her husband William Wells. Known as Wild Carrot, William was raised in tribal villages after having been taken captive during his youth. You will follow his adventures as a Miami warrior, as a peace negotiator, as a scout for General Anthony Wayne, and finally as a government agent. Sweet Breeze and William are thrust into every significant event of the frontier. They ply the rivers of the Northwest Territory seeking their destiny.

You will witness LaBalme's Defeat, Harmar's Defeat, Wilkinson's Raid on Eel Town, St. Clair's Defeat, the Battle of Fort Recovery, the Battle of Fallen Timbers, the Battle of Tippecanoe, the Fort Dearborn Massacre, the sieges of Fort Wayne and Fort Harrison, expeditions against Turtle Town and the Elkhart Villages, and the Battle of Mississinewa. You will sit in on war and peace councils of the Miami, Shawnee, Delaware, Pottawatomie, and their allies. You will attend Rufus Putnam's Vincennes Treaty of 1792, Wayne's Treaty of Geenville, and William Henry Harrison's several treaties including Fort Wayne 1803 and Grouseland 1805.

A clash of two cultures confronts Sweet Breeze and William Wells with choices to be made, sometimes enthusiastically, sometimes reluctantly. Together they embody the Miami tribe's resistance to Americans pressing upon their lands.

Heart of a Warrior:
The True Saga of Sweet Breeze and William Wells

Historical Novel
Joe Krom

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