Divine Rhymes

by Kyle McCollough


Divine Rhymes is a collection of 50 short psalms of

* joy at living in the love of God

* thankfulness for Christ's plan of salvation

* communing with the Holy Spirit


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About the Author:

Through a tragic automobile accident, several years past, Kyle has been released from the workaday world. He has been given a gift of perception to which many can only aspire. It has been said that Kyle "has an open channel to the Holy Spirit." His rhymes are clear, genuine, and true. They are collected in Divine Rhymes to be shared with you, and for you to share with others.

Kyle's Story:

A Brain Shocking Road to Redemption
by Kyle McCollough

From an early age I was taught that there was only one way to worship, and that all other ways were wrong. I was a firm believer in these ways until I was involved in a horrible automobile accident. This accident took my brother's life. It left me with a traumatic brain injury that partially paralyzed my left side and greatly affected my ability to remember things such as: people's names; what I did yesterday; and other small things we often take for granted. After attending months of rehabilitation at various centers, I was permitted to go home.

Shortly after that my mother and father had a falling out. I felt like the world as I knew it was over. After living with my mother for about six months, my younger brother and I moved to live with our dad. After a few months, a wonderful lady named Barb joined our home to help with us boys and the home. Together they began attending the Argos United Methodist Church. They sparked my interest to check it out to see what all the hype was about; so I attended a Sunday service. From the moment I walked through the door everyone treated me as if we had known each other all our lives. Shortly after the greeting was over, the Praise team started singing "Amazing Grace." After truly hearing the words of that beautiful song, I fell in love with God! After hearing the sermon I knew that I had to return every week to learn about our wonderful Creator and His plans for us!

Pastor Bob Vale took notice of me and asked if I would like to help run the sound board for the praise team. I could hardly contain my joy! Upon listening to the beautiful music from the sound booth, I could no longer contain the joy that these beautiful songs gave me. As a result, I joined the choir. Soon the choir family became one of my greatest blessings through their support and advice.

One Sunday, Dad returned from a "Walk to Emmaus" retreat. I could tell something wonderful had happened because Dad was glowing with the Holy Spirit. He explained, "I can't tell you anything other than it was wonderful. You have to experience it for yourself." I took this walk; I was amazed at the close bond it gave me to the various men that attended the weekend with me. I was forever changed. I gave my heart and life to God. I thank Barb everyday for taking me to this church and renewing my faith in God.

Through the church I participated in a mission trip to Peru, South America. God decided to touch my heart there, too, with the acceptance of the staff and children at a therapy center. A few of the children that attended had specialized braces on their legs similar to mine that helped them to get around like me. I made close friendships with all of them. The children there really knew their love for God and their fellow man. It is a lesson that I try to share with others whenever I can. I have been able to experience other mission trips and camps where I could share God's love for others with everyone I talked to. I began writing Christian poetry. All of my poems encompassed God's great attributes, such as his love, forgiveness, grace, and patience. It wasn't until I learned of these myself that I really found meaning in life. Life before this discovery was like running on a treadmill, running but not really getting anywhere. Now I know I'm running a race to a destination: Heaven - the greatest prize of all.

Now I leave you with the words that are my own personal mission - poetry abut God's wonderful love and the grace that he has given us. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed the insight from God that allowed me to write it.

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